About us

We all had childhood dreams of what we would like to be when we are older, Atom Fireworks is a result of exactly that!

I am Jason Graham owner of Atom Fireworks, when I was a child I dreamt of being a pyro-technician. When bonfire night came around I would tell the teachers in school that my dad was the firework man doing the local display (all a child's fantasy obvcourse). I can honestly say I looked and still do look forward to bonfire night more than Christmas.

Later in life I decided that this dream and this passion I have had to be expressed, with it Atom Fireworks was born.

Today we have 4 display teams, not only highly trained and capable but also share that passion that I have. This is not our job, it's our passion!

Everyone claim's to be the best, they claim to import the best fireworks and provide the best service. Well we don't, here's what we do claim:

  • We are driven by passion, not profit!
  • We do not import fireworks, we let the rest of the companies do that. They all claim to import the best, so we then pick the best from them all and hey presto we use the best possible in the UK!
  • We take pride in providing our service, you are not a number to us. We are a real friendly family run business that really will go the extra mile to deliver exactly what you want.
  • We offer very competitively priced displays and in most cases provide the best quote, why? Well we choose not to expand any bigger than we already are, in going big the expenses also go big and then we have to charge more for the same service, not something we want to do!
  • Atom Fireworks is here for both large corporate organisations as well as individuals, whether your budget is £500 or £50,000 you will be treated just the same.

With a combined experience of over 50 years working with fireworks none of our team have ever been Injured, no member of the public has been harmed and no wildlife damage.  We really do have a ZERO accident rating, and that we will be keeping!

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