Public / Corporate Events

Providing firework displays for larger audiences is what really make us tick, what better way to progress and advance than to listen to your audiences reaction.

We understand that with public events you are relying on us to provide a good show, if we provide an excellent show your customers are almost certain return the following year!

Some of our annual customers have said that since we took over the displays the audience keeps getting bigger and bigger, word must be spreading is the only answer we can come up with!

If it is a corporate event you are holding we can design and build bespoke lance work designs such as your company logo or text. We can also use your company colours or any theme you may have in mind.

Like all of our shows we keep an open mind when designing, if you want to have involvement in the design then we will work together with you to create exactly what you want.

Standard Packages

Package description Price
Bronze - This display is essentially 10 minutes of fireworks firing from 3 locations, Left, Right and Back. Depending on the site we will use up to 125mm shells for added impact. £1000 or £1300 +VAT for superior
Silver - In this display we fire from 4 positions, Left, Right, Centre and Back. If we can we will use shells up to 150mm, in this show we can start to use more advanced firing sequences using our electronic firing systems. The duration of this show is around 15 minutes. £1500 or £2000 +VAT for superior
Gold - Again we fire from 4 positions, if the site allows we will use the largest material available and plenty of it! In this show you can expect to see some very special effect fireworks, alongside our firing systems this display really is a piece of art. This show lasts around 17-18 minutes. £2000 or £3000 +VAT for superior
Platinum - This display is more suited to audiences of 2000+ and 20 minute duration. We fire from various locations to create fantastic chase sequences. The ground will literally be shaking while the audience watches in awe, 6" shells are huge however if the site has big enough safety distance we may roll out the big guns. Sending up some massive 8",10",12" shells will certainly create the wow factor, if you want to be hosting a large event this is the option for you. £3500 or £4500 +VAT for superior

Want to make the display an eruption of mass proportions? Add our superior upgrade and prepare to be blown away! If you need a longer show or have larger audiences please contact us to discuss what deal we can do.

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