Wedding Firework Displays

Wedding fireworks, what better way to celebrate your special day. It is become more and more popular for wedding couple to have fireworks at their wedding.

We have thousands of firework effects at our finger tips, not to mention years of experience. We will look after all of the paperwork and organising with the venue so you don't have to.

Together we can bring your dreams and ideas to life, it is your special day so have it your way! Drop us an Email or pick up the phone, let's make your wedding firework display idea happen.

Does your venue have noise restrictions? Do they not allow fireworks? Well we still may be able to help, we hear it time and time again that a wedding couples venue does not allow fireworks. The truth is some venues are not fully educated when it comes to firework displays, they think they have to be insured for firework displays. This however is not the case as we are insured to provide the service and as such building and contents come under it!

Let us give have a chat with them, most of the time we can come to some form of arrangement with them and get you that wedding display you want!

Wedding Packages

Package description Price
Basic - A 5 minute display, very colourful and a wide array of effects for such a low budget. This is our entry level display, virtually at cost price so if you are offered a display any cheaper you can bet it will not match our quality of show. £420 +VAT
Bronze - A 10 minute firework display, for this show you will get larger calibre fireworks, more of them and a longer running time. This makes for a more intense display. £650 + VAT
Silver - A 10-15 minute display, In this show you agree to let go of our rains and let our minds run wild! We will not be held responsible for what jaw dropping, mind blowing, ground shaking concoction of fireworks we masterfully blast holes in the sky with! This package is by far our most popular, value for money with this display is un-rivalled. We recommend if this show is within your budget go for it, you will be blown away. £1000 + VAT
Gold - A 15-20 minute firework display, If you want a longer duration and a more subtle display with bouquets of colours and mind blowing sequences then this is the option for you.. £1500 + VAT
Platinum - A 20-25 minute display, Are you a pyromaniac just like us? Do you get an adrenaline rush from fireworks that make you shake uncontrollably? Then you will not go wrong with this package. We must warn you, only book this display if you can handle the best of the best and beyond! £2500 +VAT

Custom Packages

How about a flight of 5 Love Heart effect Aerial Display Shells for £50?

Have you thought about having your names or pictures written in colourfull fire? We can design bespoke lance work for you or send us a drawing of what you want, please contact for a quote on your design.

How about fireworks to music? We feel music and fireworks were born to be together, with thousands of individual effects at our disposal we can create a stunning pyro-musical display for you. Unfortunately we do not offer cheap pyro-musicals, this is because we only produce the best we can and this means not lowering our standards to accommodate low cost budgets.

There is a lot more to a pyro-musical than just setting fireworks off to music, weeks/months of designing is just the beginning. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we will give you a quote.

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